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Absolutus - Ostendit Quam Nihil Sumus (GoatowaRex)
Ars Manifestia ‎– The Enchanting Dark's Arrival (BlackSeed Productions)
Bathory ‎– The Return...... (Black Mark Production ‎– BMCD666-2, 2003г.)
Bathory ‎– Blood Fire Death (Black Mark Production ‎– BMCD666-4, 2003г.)
Beelzeb ‎– Misanthrope's Aurora (BlackSeed Productions)
Black Funeral ‎– Az-i-Dahak (Behemoth Productions)
Black Funeral ‎– Ordog (Behemoth Productions)
Coldness - Poisoned Gift (GoatowaRex)
Dead Beat Project ‎– Breaking The Shell (Aesthetic Death Records)
Deathspell Omega – Kenose (NED)
Drowning The Light - The Fallen Years (GoatowaRex)
Inkisitor – Inkisitor (Osmose Productions)
Isarnheimr - S/T (GoatowaRex)
Funeral Mist ‎– Salvation (NED)
Funeral Mist ‎– Devilry (NED)
Gestapo 666 ‎– Nostalgiah (BlackSeed Productions)
Katharsis ‎– Kruzifixxion (NED)
Katharsis ‎– 666 (NED)
Katharsis ‎– VVorldVVithoutEnd (NED)
Kilte/Funeral Mourning - Emission Through (GoatowaRex)
Kinstrife&Blood - On The Path Long Forgotten (GoatowaRex)
Lysergene ‎– Critical Mass (Aesthetic Death Records)
Malign ‎– Divine Facing + Fireborn (NED)
Martyrvore ‎– Possessed By Mayhemic Slaughter (Kill Yourself Productions)
Merciless Crucifixion ‎– Aipesis (BlackSeed Productions)
Nargothrond ‎– Following The Frostpaths Of The Hyperborean Landscapes (Kill Yourself Productions)
Netherealm ‎– The Occultist Omnibus (BlackSeed Productions)
Negura Bunget – Virstele Pamintului (Code666)
Obeisance ‎– Unholy, Unwholesome & Evil (BlackSeed Productions)
Ofermod ‎– Mystérion Tés Anomias (NED)
Pestiferous ‎– Gateway (Behemoth Productions)
Pestilential Shadows - Cursed (GoatowaRex)
Planet AIDS - Apokalyptik AIDS (GoatowaRex)
Rift - Eyes of Basilisk (GoatowaRex)
Sacradis ‎– Darkness of our Souls (Behemoth Productions)
Sangraal - Unearthly Night (GoatowaRex)
Spite Extreme Wing ‎– Magnificat (Behemoth Productions)
Stalaggh - Nihilistic Terror (Autopsy Kitchen Records)
Stalaggh – Projekt Misanthropia (Autopsy Kitchen Records)
Stumm ‎– I (Aesthetic Death Records)
Tenebrae in Perpetuum - Antico Misticismo (Debemur Morti Productions)
Tenebrae in Perpetuum - Onori Funebri Rituali (BlackSeed Productions)
Torka - Old Hatred (GoatowaRex)
Thronum Vrondor - Vrondor I:Epitaph of Mass (GoatowaRex)
Utuk Xul – Goat Of Black Possession (From Beyond Productions)
Vrolok ‎– Resurgence I: Descent Through The Abyss (Alpha Draconis Records)
Vrolok ‎– Resurgence II: Where The Dying Meet The Dead (Alpha Draconis Records)
Vrolok ‎– Resurgence III: Order Of The Sphere (Alpha Draconis Records)
Wijlen Wij ‎– Wijlen Wij (Aesthetic Death Records)
Winterdemons ‎– The Darkest Storm (Behemoth Productions)
Wolfthorn ‎– Cold Inside (Behemoth Productions)
Wreck Of The Hesperus ‎– The Sunken Threshold (Aesthetic Death Records)


LP Absentia Lunae - In Vmbrarvm Imperii Gloria (Serpens Caput Productions)
7" Alttari / Kadotus – ‘Untitled’ (W.T.C. Productions)
LP Antaeus – Cut Your Flesh and Worship Satan (Osmose Production)
LP Antaeus – De Principii Evangelikum (Osmose Production)
7" Astriaal – ‘The Throne To Perish - An Icon Of Disease’ (Dark Horizon Records)
LP Atomizer – The Death Of Forever (Hells Headbangers)
LP Atomizer – Death - Mutation - Disease – Annihilation (Hells Headbangers)
LP Bekhira - L'Elu du Mal (Aura Mystique)
LP Blacklodge – Solarkult (EAL)
7" Blodarv – ‘Beyond Life’ (Breath Of Pestilence)
7" Desolation Hymn – ‘Purgatory Despairing’ (Blood Fire Death)
LP Emit / Vrolok ‎– The Divine Eye - Musikalisches Opfer / Pestilence 1440 (Niessedrion Records)
7" Fog – ‘From Within The Darkness Beyond Eternity’ (Dark Horizon Records)
LP Funeral Winds – Nexion Xul The Cursed Bloodline (Sadolust Records)
LP Galgeras – Booswichterij (Sadolust Records)
LP Haatstrijd – Cacodaemony (Sadolust Records)
7" Inkisitor – Inkisitor (EAL)
10" Inkisitor / S.V.E.S.T. – Untitled (EAL)
7" Kathaarian / Norns – ‘Satanic Mentality’ (W.T.C. Productions)
7" Mightiest – ‘Sojourn In The Rising Darkness’ (Heavy Horses Records)
10" Morrigan / Abigail – A Celtic / Japanese Alliance (W.T.C. Productions)
7" Neutron Hammer – ‘Damnation's Bringer’ (Primitive Reaction)
7" Nordafrost / Unlight – ‘To Our Forefathers’ (Heavy Horses Records)
LP Paragon Impure - To Gaius (for the Delivery of Agrippina) (Blut & Eisen Productions)
LP Pest(Ger) - Pest (Bird Of Ill Omen Recordings)
LP Prevalent Resistance - Dynamics of Creation (Blut & Eisen Productions and W.T.C. Productions)
LP Profanatica – Profanatitas De Domonatia (Hells Headbangers)
LP Satanic Blood – Satan Boven Alles (Sadolust Records)
7" Throneum / Devilry – ‘Untitled’ (Breath Of Pestilence)
LP Todesstoß ‎– Sehnsucht / Beutetrieb Schwarzer Witwen (Niessedrion Records)
7" Torch Of War / Rites Of Cleansing – ‘Ad Honorem Magnae Mortis’ (Autopsy Kitchen Records)
7" Tremors – ‘Eternal Question’ (Heavy Horses Records)
7" Wolfsschrei / Har Shatan – ‘Devastating Blow / Through The Eyes Of The Night’ (Darkland Records)
LP Wolfsschrei – ‘Feasting My Hatred’ (Darkland Records)


– Iut de Asken, Band 1 und 2, Winter 2006/2007 (на нем.), comp. CD
– blutvergießen magazine (english version) №1, comp. CD
– blutvergießen magazine (english version) №2, comp. CD
– blutvergießen magazine (english version) №3, comp. CD

LP Einstuerzende Neubauten – Haus Der Luege (Rough Trade)
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