Goatcraft - 2015 - απώλεια

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Goatcraft - 2015 - απώλεια

Postby Паморак on 12 Jan 2016, 00:07

After long years in the Void of Existence, crawling from the Depths of Netherworld, a communion of the Night, entitled GOATCRAFT, reveals its opening Work entitled "όλεθρος". Crowned in Dreadful Torments and baptized by the Fires of the scorched Heart, this Opus offers total of
XIII calls for the Final Dawn. Forged in the nihilistic caves of Istrosian Nest, an earthly called Black/Death Metal
is ready to be spread over matter, Malkuth. Come, and thus sing the songs towards our endless Perdition !


may the black light forever burn
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