Azaxul - The Saints Impaled (2017)

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Azaxul - The Saints Impaled (2017)

Postby Kaosworshipper on 06 Apr 2017, 19:57


Azaxul - The Saints Impaled (2017)

Pro-CD with a lenght about 62 min (incl. 2 exclusive trax) and featuring amongst old re-recorded and re-arranged Moonblood trax (that never made it on any studio session) 2 new Azaxul creations, factory sealed CD

Winter blood
Worshippers of the grim sepulchral moon
Templar's penitence
The saints impaled
The black emperor
Glorious days are not forgotten
In the moors (CD only)
The temptation of the night's empress (CD only)

available late May
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