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Postby abhorrer on 26 Nov 2017, 21:48

https://luzifer.bandcamp.com/track/song ... -llenzwang

Höllenzwang - chronicles of perdition
is now being sent off to the pressing plant. True to our continuing refusal of commercial marketing, there won´t be any fancy youtube video, tons of merch or other promotion campaigns. This is the first glimpse of what you could expect on the forthcoming album - condensed to 36 minutes of pure aural evil.
The only noteworthy information to pass on is the underlying musical / technical concept of the album: there is no - not one single - additional guitar track recorded. No additional melody, no solo, no doubletracks. Instrumentally, we limited ourselves to record a rather natural and direct album consisting of 2 guitars, a bass and „blastbeat“ free drums. To remember the original idea of early 90s Black Metal which always meant both - TRADITION and at the same time INNOVATION. The past is alive, the black flame burns bright - all hail darkness and evil!
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Re: ABIGOR-Höllenzwang

Postby rthdx on 26 Nov 2017, 23:16

Убедительно, хуле. :a_g_a:
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Re: ABIGOR-Höllenzwang

Postby sculpto on 09 Dec 2017, 02:03

В ожидании. Т.к. Лейтмотиф Люцифер как-то больше с коньячком у камина, нежели БМ.
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